Our Process

Once you are ready to dive into the world of bespoke garments, it’s time to setup a consultation. Our process is simple, relaxed and enjoyable.

It starts with a consultation. It will involve having you measured, selecting fabrics, going through various designs, and finally, customizing your bespoke garment.

Once everything has been finalized, we need anywhere from 6 – 10 weeks to complete the garment. Timelines vary depending on fabrics selected and time of year.

When putting together your custom bespoke garment, it is extremely important for us to know the exact date on which you need everything completed by.

As you may be ordering a suit or tuxedo for a special occasion, it is also important to try and be at your optimal weight, so that when the garment is made for you, it is made taking into account exactly how we measured you.

Our garments are fully custom, canvassed, and are generally made entirely by hand. We do not use mass production facilities, and every pattern is hand-drafted, and hand-cut… Just for you. Entirely bespoke.