Why Bespoke?

People often confuse bespoke with the more common “made-to-measure”, however the two are very different.
Bespoke, by definition is, “made for a particular customer or user”.

What we don’t do: Made-to-measure suits are generally made in mass production factories where they have pre-made templates and patterns ready-to-go.  You generally walk into a store or showroom, and start the process by wearing an off-the-rack fitting jacket or pants. This allows for the factory to then adjust the ready-made patterns based on the adjustments which need to be made to the fitting jacket and pants. Your adjustments are then inputted into a computer, which adjust the ready-to-go patterns accordingly.

What we do: With bespoke, every pattern is first drafted (drawn) and then cut by hand. It takes into account your body-type, the particular nuances which differ from body-type to body-type, as well as your body’s measurements.  We will, however, provide you with postural fit garments to try on, so that we can accurately take into account your body’s unique nuances and intricacies.  Additionally, with bespoke tailoring and garments, you can customize the colour of the stitching, buttons, lining, piping, and so on. The customization options are truly endless.

Once you dabble into the world of bespoke, you will likely never go back.